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Public Data Check provides complete background reports and people search service.


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The Public Data Check Difference

Public Data Check was founded with the mission of making it safe and easy for people to find and learn the truth about each other.

Public Data Check Do's and Dont's

Learn how to use Public Data Check's information the right way.

  • Do find long-lost family members.
  • Do reconnect with an old love.
  • Do check up on your kid's new search.
  • Do check yourself out.
  • Do scope out your online date.
  • Do find someone's current address.
  • Don't be a stalker. It's creepy and against the law.
  • Don't steal someone's identity. That's illegal.
  • Don't look up celebrity contact information.
  • Don't screen a new tenant.
  • Don't spy on your significant other.
  • Don't contact people against their wishes.

Who are you looking for?

With Public Data Check you can find just about anyone.

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